WOFA Afro Fusion Dance

Our Mission: 1. WOFA Afro Fusion Dance explores the powerful intersections of Pan-African and Western dance forms and cultures to create vi

Sun Divide

Sun Divide is a reggae/rock band based in Salt Lake City. Formed in 2015 by singer/songwriter Thom Welsh,bassist Steven Simmons, guitarist I

Strange Familia

Strange Familia is a two-piece musical collaboration consisting of Brecken Jones and Garret Williams.

Spirit City

Spirit City has been described as an “indie pop band that merges deft songwriting with infectious hooks and driving rhythms.” Formed in Pro

Small Lake City

Small Lake City in an electronic indie rock band formed in Salt Lake City. We’re trying to get famous. Please help

Shanin Blake & The Shakes

Shanin Blake is a singer/songwriter. Her style fuses Folk and Hip hop with Funky, Soul, Reggae sprinkles on top.

Sarah Anne DeGraw & the Odd Jobs

Sarah Anne DeGraw & the Odd Jobs; packing a 1960’s punch since 2016.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith and his band of Pigeons are Salt Lake’s original Voodoo Dirt band. Tom Waits meets Dr. John with a splash of Bo Diddley.

Quiet Oaks

The group plays a unique form of rock and roll. They maintain a rowdy and chaotic energy, while providing a familiar and welcoming sound.

Primitive Programme

Primitive Programme’s retro-futurist art rock aesthetic is brought to focus through synthesizers, guitars, acoustic drums, & drum machines.