This is Her Place: Women’s History Month

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, as part of the celebration of Women’s History Month, This is Her Place podcast is pleased to announce the launch of Season 2.

This is Her Place tells the stories of influential Utah women both past and present. This Is Her Place will introduce you to women famous and forgotten, rich and poor, believers and skeptics, feminists and traditionalists, from all backgrounds and every part of the state—and the unique stories of how each has made Utah her place. Season 1 of This Is Her Place featured women involved in public health, law enforcement, community activism and storytelling, public art, and more.

Season 2 focuses on Utah women who are politicians, immigrants, restaurateurs, ranchers, athletes and more–including, but not limited to, the inspiring stories of:

  • Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson
    Former State Senator and current Lt. Governor of Utah
  • Governor Olene Walker
    Former Governor of Utah
  • Lily Eskelsen Garcia
    Former NEA president, and shortlist candidate for Secretary of Education under the Biden Administration.
  • Lily Cardenas & Maria Cardenas
    Mother/Daughter ownership duo of the Red Iguana Restaurant
  • Natalie Williams
    Former professional WNBA athlete and Hall of Fame inductee
  • Norma Carr
    Utah’s second female athletic director in the State’s history
  • Angela Brown
    Publisher of SLUG Magazine and Founder of Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival
  • Alberta Henry
    Educator, Civil Rights Leader, and former president of the Salt Lake Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

You can find This Is Her Place wherever you listen to podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Spotify). The This Is Her website has additional material including photos, linked articles, and transcripts of each episode.


This Is Her Place is co-hosted by Naomi Watkins and Mike Aguilar and was founded by historian Patrick Mason and Utah State University with a mission to elevate the diverse stories of Utah women famous and forgotten, from various backgrounds and across the state — and the unique stories of how each has made Utah her place.