Tools & Resources for Creatives during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Fall 2020 Edition


Sahar Pastel-Daneshgar of Studio Sahar 


As we enter into the sixth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, many creatives may worry that resources have been completely depleted. As crafters, makers, builders, performers and artisans of all varieties continue to face the economic challenges during this uncertain time, we wanted to provide a refreshed list of available grants, professional development, project assistance and resources for those needing assistance as we move into the colder winter months. 

Craft Lake City remains committed to seeing our creative community thrive. We realize the challenges of adapting to online practices, facing the unknown, and trying to create in distressing times can take a toll on Utah artisans. We hope that for many, this list of resources will be a starting point for accessing assistance to further career development and project completion. We will continue to revise this list as often as possible in order to encourage our local art community to survive hardships and create a pathway for future success. 


  • Salt Lake City Arts Council Grant  — As communities of color continue to be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, the Arts Council would use this funding to create a grant category modeled after national programs aimed at enhancing racial equity. Individual artists of color, organizations serving communities of color and arts organizations working to develop equity and inclusion training, planning or professional development could be eligible to receive a grant. Additionally, SLCAC maintains their own COVID-19 resources-relief list, this is where to find more information on the City Arts Grants and current programming in the area.
  • Weber County CARES Grant Program  — Weber County began accepting applications on September 1 for the second round of the county’s CARES Grant Program. The application closes on Friday, September 18. Small Businesses can apply for up to $35,000 in grant awards while medium and large businesses can apply for up to $100,000 in grant awards. Artisans are encouraged to check the Weber CARES website for additional resources and updated information regarding future grant dates and application information. 

Utah Division of Arts and Museums — The Utah Division of Arts and Museums is a collaborative group of partners who are holding weekly video calls on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the cultural sector, available relief, and inspirational stories. All are invited to join. Additionally, there are vast lists of resources available— from emergency and medical aid, to project stipends and grants listed directly on their website.

Utah Cultural Alliance — Utah Cultural Alliance is organizing support for our local humanities, arts, and museums nonprofits. At their site, there are opportunities to learn more about petitions, fundraising, community surveys, as well as their own long-list of resources available to creatives of all disciplines.

  • COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource — This an accumulated list of free resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines. Additionally, there is also a variety of emotional health and wellness tools available for use.


Randy of Photoissimo 


  • Utah Communities Connect WiFi Interactive Map — We included this in our Spring resource list but wanted to encourage anyone in the community in need of WiFi to use this free, interactive map to find locations offering exterior WiFi availability.
  • National Endowment for the Arts — The agency maintains a comprehensive and  frequently updated list of news and resources for artists and art organizations. 
  • Salt Lake County Small Business Impact Grant (SBIG)  The Small Business Impact Grant (SBIG) is a COVID-19 relief program for small businesses in Salt Lake County funded by the CARES Act. SLCo will award one-time payments of $500 to $35,000 to impacted businesses that apply. Applications close September 18, 2020. Artisans are encouraged to continue to check the SBIG website for updated information regarding future grants once the round two grant deadline has past.  


Tracey Harty of Creekside Quilt Studio 


We realize this is just a small list for the vast needs of our creative community. However, we know Utah artists will continue to use their collective energy and creative passion to strengthen and support, uplift, and inspire. Let’s continue to help each other and have the grace to ask for help when we ourselves need it. We are all in this together and we got this! 


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*Photos courtesy of John Barkiple