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Before the DIY Fest

Do I have to exhibit all 3 days of the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons to participate?

Craft Lake City offers exhibitors the option to designate their participation preference for one of the following:  3 days (Fri./Sat./Sun.), 2 days (Fri./Sat.), or 1 day (Sun.-only). Please visit our Prospectus page for more details.

Does Craft Lake City charge a commission on sales?

Craft Lake City enacts our mission to uplift local creative businesses by providing a platform for local makers to sell their wares, gain exposure in the creative community and by not charging commission on sales. This allows exhibitors to receive 100% of the profits made by selling their handmade products at the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival.

Are there scholarship opportunities available or ways to cover the cost of the application fee?

As part of Craft Lake City’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, we have options for folks experiencing financial difficulties to still be part of the DIY Fest! For details about our different inclusion programs such as Application Support & our Scholarship & Mentor Program as well as eligibility guidelines for our various programs, please check our Community Inclusion page. Please note that to be considered for any of the scholarships offered through our Scholarship & Mentor Program, you will need to complete & submit a scholarship application AND an official DIY Fest application. For additional application questions or fee support inquiries, please reach out to us at or 801-906-8521. For STEM exhibitors seeking scholarship opportunities, click here. For Kid Row youth entrepreneurs seeking scholarship opportunities, click here.

I live in a neighboring state, can I participate as an exhibitor or performer?

The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival is a highlight of Utah’s best creatives. As of now, participants must currently reside & operate in the state of Utah.

When will I get my space assignment and load-in/load-out times?

Craft Lake City will provide your space assignment to you at your assigned load-in time when you arrive on-site, unless you pay for the premium Special Placement option (see below). Craft Lake City cannot disclose exact exhibitor locations or provide details about the exhibitor map in advance due to inevitable last-minute changes to the lineup/map. Your load-in and load-out times will be provided to you at least one week prior to the market. You will be assigned a specific load-in and load-out time slot, so please plan to keep your schedule open that entire day to avoid conflicts.

What is Special Placement?

Special Placement is a premium option for exhibitors who would like to choose their specific location on the DIY Festival exhibitor map, based on the exhibitor’s own judgment & preferences. Exhibitors who pay for the Special Placement option (at the checkout while submitting exhibitor fee payments) have the opportunity to discuss and select their placement on the festival grounds with Craft Lake City staff and production members, conducting a venue walk-through a few weeks before the event with a representative from the Craft Lake City team. Craft Lake City secures Special Placement requests according to the order in which payment of the Special Placement fee is received (in other words: first come, first served), and venue walk-through appointments will be scheduled in order of payments received. By paying for Special Placement, Craft Lake City is responsible solely for accommodating these specific placement requests for the exhibitor and cannot guarantee a return on investment. Exhibitors who pay for the Special Placement option accept responsibility for whatever effect this Special Placement has on their sales & foot traffic. Please note that Craft Lake City is not responsible for Special Placement participants’ dissatisfaction with on-site performance at the DIY Festival. Special Placement requests are filled to the best of our abilities with due consideration to safety code and Utah State Fairpark rules. Craft Lake City reserves the right to make alterations and amends based on circumstance.

What does the exhibitor fee cover?

Exhibitor fees allow Craft Lake City to provide a safe, equitable and supportive environment for our exhibitors while ensuring a positive, high-quality festival experience for local makers to gain exposure, find community & sell their handmade items. As a nonprofit organization, the exhibitor fees go toward the time that Craft Lake City dedicates to uplifting the creative community of Utah at the DIY Festival through months of careful planning, festival logistics, organization, exhibitor communications, exhibitor promotion & curation of the event. Additionally, exhibitor fees go toward the rental costs associated with the space allocated to you during the duration of the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival along with one parking pass per day for each day of your participation at the event.

Why is the "back wall" required & how do I make one?

In order to highlight your work and allow it to shine at our festival, Craft Lake City requires all exhibitors to bring a “back wall” to create your own “shop”. This also helps to physically separate you from your neighbors, as exhibitors may be placed back-to-back as well as directly next to each other. Our team has worked diligently to compile a resource with tips to construct your required “back wall” with examples, various options to help you create a “back wall” that fits your needs and how to arrange your exhibitor space to invite customers in and help you stand out. Please visit our webpage “Create ‘Walls’ In Your Space” to access this resource and feel free to get as creative as you want with it!  

The walls can be made of fabric, wood, furniture or other materials but may not exceed 10 feet in height due to safety and Utah State Fairpark regulations. Each wall must span the majority of the width of your space but not beyond it (as designated in your acceptance email), as to not encroach on other exhibitor spaces (including hardware, base and weights). Walls must be secured with 20lb weights on each side for safety. Side walls for your display are optional.

Will Craft Lake City provide tables & chairs or weights to secure my “back wall”?

Craft Lake City encourages bringing your own equipment, but tables and chairs can be RENTED from Craft Lake City at a cost for the duration of your festival participation. Once accepted into the event, you can indicate the requested number of each of these items in the shopping cart when paying exhibitor fees. Any rental items that you pay for will be placed in your exhibitor space by your time of arrival at the event. While weights are NOT provided, they can be as simple as sandbags or water jugs! 

Why is the electricity option so expensive?

Access to electricity at the event venue is exceedingly limited. Therefore, to discourage a high volume of power users, Craft Lake City charges a premium fee for access to electricity during the festival. Craft Lake City does careful planning and testing to ensure we meet the needs of those who have paid for electricity. Exhibitors who have not disclosed their power needs before the event may be penalized and will be charged an immediate, on-the-spot payment for power use. Exceeding our power allotment might result in power outages. Additionally, we highly recommend that all exhibitors bring portable chargers and batteries (that do not require electricity) for cell phones, iPads and other electronics used for payment processing.

Should I plan on lighting my display if I don’t want to opt-in for the electricity feature?

Craft Lake City encourages exhibitors who would like to add special lighting to their space to utilize battery-powered lights (especially for exhibitors located outdoors to be able to display products nicely once the sun sets in the later hours of the event). Indoor displays can also greatly benefit from battery-powered lighting to really stand out & showcase the merchandise well! Lighting throughout the event buildings is not uniform, so we strongly recommend considering a portable, battery-powered lighting option to amplify your display.

Will I have access to WiFi at the event?

To ensure a positive experience, please plan on bringing a hotspot device or using cellular data to access the internet and to process digital payments while on-site at the festival. Due to the huge number of people on-site at the festival, Craft Lake City can NOT offer a secured or reliable WiFi connection for exhibitors.

What should I bring with me?

Please see our DIY Fest exhibitor checklist for a list of the items you may want to consider bringing to make sure you have a great experience. Please note that all exhibitors are required to bring a “back wall”. See above for more details!

What if I have to cancel my participation?

If a DIY Fest exhibitor must cancel their participation due to an emergency situation, Craft Lake City will work with the exhibitor to provide a solution that considers the needs of both parties. All exhibitors are required to contact Craft Lake City if they are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, or if they have come into contact with individuals who have symptoms or who recently tested positive for COVID. While Craft Lake City does have a cutoff date to cancel participation & receive a refund (6/10/24 by 11:59 p.m. MST), please reach out to us with any last-minute emergency circumstances that might jeopardize your ability to participate as an exhibitor.

Setting Up/During the DIY Fest

Where should I park?

The Utah State Fairpark manages a paid parking lot on their grounds ($7 per vehicle per day), and Craft Lake City booth fees now include one parking pass per exhibitor per day of participation. Exhibitors with multiple vehicles on-site will need to pay for additional parking passes if planning on parking in the Faripark lot. There are also free parking options outside of the event: limited street parking will be available around the Utah State Fairpark, but do keep an eye on any pertinent signage when choosing your spot. A lot of street parking in the area has an enforced 2-hour time limit, and parking within 10ft of a driveway is not allowed in the Fairpark neighborhood (and will be subject to a ticket).

How does the load-in process work?

Every exhibitor will receive a specific load-in time via email one week before the event (along with detailed instructions). Load-in happens on the Thursday before the festival for indoor exhibitors, and the Friday morning of the first day of the festival for outdoor exhibitors. We have a very large number of exhibitors to load in during a narrow time frame, therefore exhibitors must load in during their assigned time to prevent bottlenecking at our loading zones. A limited number of volunteers will be available to help, but we strongly recommend that all exhibitors bring an assistant and a hand truck/dolly to make load-in easier.

Does Craft Lake City provide booth sitters?

Due to liability reasons & limitations on staffing, Craft Lake City & its volunteers CANNOT booth-sit for exhibitors. Accepted exhibitors will each receive two comp tickets per day they are exhibiting, which are intended to be distributed amongst friends, family members, or business partners who will be able to help cover the exhibitor’s booth for breaks throughout the weekend. It is important to coordinate coverage before the event, as this will allow you to take meal breaks, use the bathroom, do some shopping, and mingle with other exhibitors while still having your booth operational for attendees. Craft Lake City will send these comp tickets in the mail approx. 2 weeks leading up to the event, so please plan on distributing these tickets accordingly to ensure the help you need during the event.

Why do I need to wear my exhibitor credentials (badge)?

DIY Fest exhibitor credentials help both attendees and staff identify you as an exhibitor. Wearing these credentials helps ensure that DIY Festival exhibitors can easily exit/reenter the event if needed. Credentials are non-transferable. Anyone caught passing them to others not working the festival will be asked to leave and may jeopardize their participation in future Craft Lake City events. All exhibitors are required to wear their credentials at all times during festival hours, beginning 1 hour prior to gates opening to the public on each day of your festival participation.

How do I secure my space between event days?

While it is up to the individual exhibitor, Craft Lake City highly recommends for all exhibitors to plan on taking any portable valuables (eg. cash box, electronics, etc.) with them overnight. We also recommend exhibitors store their products in bins under any tables or furniture they have in their booth and drape a large tablecloth over them. While Craft Lake City has hired security to roam the Utah State Fairpark premises overnight between days and all buildings will be locked overnight. Craft Lake City cannot guarantee & is not responsible for the safety of your items.

Do shoppers purchase directly from exhibitors or do they check out through Craft Lake City?

Shoppers will purchase directly from each exhibitor, who will receive 100% of the profits made from their sales at our festival, as Craft Lake City does not take commission. While it is up to each individual exhibitor, Craft Lake City highly recommends for all exhibitors to be prepared to offer contactless payments (Square, Paypal, Venmo, etc.) as well as a cash option, because the more payment options an exhibitor has, the more opportunities there will be to make a sale! If you are planning to offer cash as a payment option, please remember to bring small bills and change.

Where can I smoke?

The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is allowed only outside the venue, 25 feet or more from the entrance. Exhibitors can re-enter using their exhibitor pass or hand stamp.

Are exhibitors allowed to bring pets?

Exhibitors are allowed to bring service animals to the festival. However, we ask exhibitors who are planning to bring their service animals to please notify us at in advance. Due to long hours and harsh conditions, exhibitors are not allowed to bring their pets with them to the Annual DIY Festival. That being said, responsible dog-owners and well-behaved pets are allowed on the festival premises with visitors along with the purchase of a dog ticket & a digital signature on our liability waiver. Dog tickets will go on sale through alongside our general admission options for the event.

Where can I dispose of trash and liquids during the event?

Exhibitors are responsible for removing trash, liquids and recyclable materials generated in their space. The event bins are for patrons only. Exhibitors should bring their own bins and/or trash bags for the event. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their area is kept clean and that trash and recyclables do not build up.

Where can I dispose of trash and liquids during the event?

Exhibitors are responsible for removing trash, liquids and recyclable materials generated in their space. The event bins are for patrons only. Exhibitors should bring their own bins and/or trash bags for the event. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their area is kept clean and that trash and recyclables do not build up.

Should I provide shopping bags for customers?

Exhibitors may offer bags to their customers if they so desire, but it is not required. For those who choose to offer bags, Craft Lake City strongly encourages exhibitors to utilize sustainable options (e.g. paper sacks instead of plastic bags). As part of CLC’s commitment to sustainability initiatives, exhibitors must avoid providing plastic bags for customers, but may consider recyclable paper bags or biodegradable/compostable bags.

After the DIY Fest

How do I pay my sales taxes?

Craft Lake City provides exhibitor mailing addresses and emails to the Utah State Tax Commission before the event, so exhibitors can expect to receive their sales tax form via email from within 2 weeks after the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. For questions (or to request a replacement Special Event Tax Form should it not arrive), please contact the USTC at 801-297-6303 or Reporting accurate sales tax helps Craft Lake City track the economic impact our events have on the local economy.

How does the load-out process work?

Exhibitors are welcome to begin handcarting their wares out once festival public hours are over. Exhibitors are prohibited from loading out before the end of the event’s public hours, even if they sell out of products. Leaving early causes a safety issue for the public, as loading out items during festival hours could potentially put patrons or other exhibitors in danger. We have a very large number of exhibitors who will be loading out during a narrow time frame and due to extremely limited staffing for this large of an event, Craft Lake City cannot guarantee the assistance of any staff or volunteers in carrying your items out. That being said, exhibitors should be sure to bring an assistant and a hand truck/dolly to make their load-out smooth and speedy! Hand-carting out items will be the quickest way to exit the event. Participants who hope to pull their car up directly to their exhibitor zone will need to anticipate a wait time of up to 2 hours after public hours end, since all attendees, food trucks, and outdoor tents will need to be cleared off the festival thoroughfares before any vehicles will be able to drive onto festival grounds.

How do I provide feedback about my experience?

Craft Lake City will send out a brief survey to all exhibitors to collect information about your market experience. This feedback is extremely important to us! For other miscellaneous inquiries or feedback, feel free to message

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