Craft Lake City Announces Kyle Letendre as Final Addition to 2024 LetterWest Lineup

Salt Lake City, UT – January 4, 2024 – Portland, Oregon-based lettering artist Kyle Letendre has been selected as the final addition to the instructor lineup for the Annual Craft Lake City LetterWest, coming March 2, 2024 to the Midvale Main Arts & Culture District in Midvale, Utah. Letendre’s workshop, ‘Expressive Lettering’, will teach students to draw a lively piece of lettering through demonstration and collaborative feedback, guiding them from a loose pencil sketch to a beautiful composition.

Craft Lake City announced the return of LetterWest, the nation’s leading hand lettering conference, in October of last year. The event is being held in partnership with Midvale City, The Pearl on Main, Midvale Arts Council and Dark Arts Midvale. It will bring lettering artists from around the world to the heart of Utah for lettering workshops, lectures, a panel discussion, live mural-making, a mixer and more. Letendre joins a roster of talents from home and abroad, including international lettering artists Seb Lester and Ximena Jimenéz as well as local Utah artists Becca Clason, Skyler Chubak and Shley Kinser.

“We’re so lucky to be bringing together such a fantastic group of lettering talent for this year’s LetterWest, and we couldn’t be more excited to see Kyle join the lineup,” says Angela H. Brown, Executive Director of Craft Lake City. “If you’re a fan of hand lettering, this is an event you won’t want to miss.”

Tickets to The Annual Craft Lake City LetterWest are limited and available for purchase at

About LetterWest:

LetterWest is a unique gathering for letterers, artists, graphic designers, sign painters, lettering enthusiasts and creators of all backgrounds. What initially began as an intimate 35-person lettering retreat in 2017 has now evolved into a thriving lettering conference with 175 attendees. Distinguishing itself as the sole event of its kind in North America, LetterWest caters exclusively to individuals with a keen interest in expanding their knowledge of lettering. It serves as an educational platform where creatives can elevate both their craft and business acumen, forging meaningful connections with like-minded peers and industry leaders who share their passion and support their aspirations. The power of physically convening in one space amplifies the experience beyond online connections, encapsulating a magical quality that fosters growth and collaboration within the greater community. LetterWest’s ultimate goal is to provide a transformative opportunity for connection and learning, cultivating a stronger and more vibrant lettering community.

About Midvale Main Arts & Culture District:

The Midvale Main Arts & Culture District, situated along historic Main Street, stands as a lively epicenter of creativity. It boasts 30+ captivating murals celebrating local talent and culture. The district hosts charming theaters for cultural experiences, serves as a hub of self-expression through its high-end tattoo parlors, and provides a vibrant community gathering place. It epitomizes Midvale’s distinctive identity, artistic spirit, and inviting warmth.

About Craft Lake City:

Founded in 2009 by Angela H. Brown, Executive Editor of SLUG (Salt Lake UnderGround) Magazine, Craft Lake City® is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission to educate, promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art. Craft Lake City strives to further define the term “Craft,” by modernizing the definition for handmade creativity. @craftlakecity

Craft Lake City’s year-round programming is supported in part by the residents of Salt Lake County through the Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) Program, the Salt Lake Arts Council, the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation and Utah Arts & Museums, with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts.